What to pack when holidaying in your trailer tent/folding camper

The great advantage of taking a trailer of any kind on holiday is that you have extra space, beyond the roof and boot of your car for taking your clutter (otherwise known as vital holiday items.)

Always in the back of your mind as you pile in the items though is the legal weight restrictions of your car and trailer and their combination. Read up on payload, nose weight, towing weight etc relevant to your particularly circumstances. If you are a younger driver (ie passed your test after 31 December 1996) you will also need to bear in mind what you are qualified to tow.   You are obliged to ensure that you are within your legal parameters before setting out so ensure that you do this.

Clearly, before putting in one suitcase, emergency equipment in case either the car or trailer gets into difficulty must be packed, leave enough space for this equipment and ensure it is easily accessible, not make inaccessible under non-essentials. A tyre pump, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, spare oil, screen wash etc means that you have it if and when you need it while en route. Ensure that your insurance for both vehicle and trailer are up to date and if you are a member of a rescue organisation ensure your membership is up to date and sufficient for what you are doing. Is your trailer covered? If you are going abroad does your membership allow for help overseas – for the car and trailer?

Take drinking water in case you are broken down in the heat for a long period or if you have any delay that prevents you from getting to a campsite. A readily accessible medicine box is also a good idea in case anyone gets stung, burned badly cut, has a joint sprain etc. If you are taking the family pet ensure that all necessary emergency factors are covered for them too, including pet insurance. Remember that your pet must be secured in the vehicle. A roll of polythene bags in the car is a good idea, for rubbish and in case anyone feels ill and you cannot stop at that moment…..

Having packed the essentials then everything else can be put in. Bearing in mind the very important weight issues and also your fuel consumption, clearly all the necessaries for a self-catered holiday should be brought, though do bear in mind that you can buy many things when you are at your destination if you are short of space. Your trailer may have the ability to have things stored on top of it so you could think about taking bicycles, canoes etc as long as you know how to secure them correctly. Remember too that certain things, though not heavy, will catch the wind as you travel and therefore cause drag on your vehicle. It is important to check your tyre pressures on both car and trailer once fully laden and to bear in mind that you may need to re-fuel more frequently when so heavily laden.

Once you reach your destination try to unburden your car of things like roof boxes etc (store them in the storage areas of your erected trailer tent), so that your car ismore efficient during day trips on your holiday.

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